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Leaf Removal


Leaf Removal Service in the Tulsa, OK Area

Broken Arrow Lawn Service has been serving Tulsa County and its surrounding areas for many years. It offers the highest-quality services for every type of customer imaginable. From lawn mowing and weed removal to mulching and hedge trimming. We've got it all! Among our lesser known specialties is leaf removal. When the leaves on your trees begin to look like the colors you see on an autumn Saturday at Woodward Park, we can help make your lawn look great. The beautiful fall colors are great accents to any landscape, but they will hide your garden once they float to the ground.

Our team of lawn care professionals will remove the leaves to ensure your property maintains its lush appearance. We've provided answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about leaf removal services below, but feel free to call us with other questions of your own.

Why Is Leaf Removal Important?

Each year, when the temperatures begin to drop, tree leaves change color and ultimately drop to the ground. In Tulsa, that means there are beautiful colored leaves falling from the trees. That's why Oklahomans love the fall season so much.

But when those leaves reach the ground, they can pose a problem. They can suffocate and harm your grass and plants if you don't do anything about them. Additionally, they may prevent photosynthesis. Leaf removal services are necessary to keep your grass from looking brown or worn. 

What Does The Leaf Removal Process Entail?

Our team of lawn care professionals will create a plan that will get rid of the leaves in your yard. We use commercial leaf removal equipment to make all of our projects quick and efficient. The BA Lawn Service pros will gather all of your leaves in one spot using rakes, blowers, tarps, and proven techniques. We will then remove the leaves completely or place them on the street for pickup.

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How much does leaf removal cost?

The cost of leaf removal services will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your yard and the amount of leaves on the ground. If you're interested in one-time or recurring leaf removal services, please contact our friendly team. A lawn care expert can come to your house or business to give you a free, no-obligation estimate.

Do you provide other lawn care services?

Our goal is to make sure your lawn looks beautiful no matter what season you're in. We know that your time is valuable!  Instead of toiling in the yard for hours, you could invest those hours in quality time with your family. The following are chores that we can get rid of in addition to lawn leaf removal.

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Do you provide leaf removal near me? We provide leaf removal services to Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Bixby, Jenks, and Coweta

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Benefits of using Broken Arrow Lawn Services

Here are the advantages of hiring us for leaf removal service:​

  • Protects Your Lawn

  • Years of Experience Providing the Best Leaf Removal Service in Broken Arrow

  • Saves You Time, Work, and Money

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