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The Secret to a Beautiful Neighborhood: Finding the Right Lawn Care Company

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

As a member of a homeowners association (HOA), you know the importance of maintaining a well-cared-for neighborhood. One of the most visible aspects of any neighborhood is the different entrances, and ensuring that they are well-maintained is crucial to the overall appearance and value of the neighborhood.

But finding the right lawn care company to take care of your neighborhood's needs can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you find the best fit for your community:

  • Look for a lawn company with a proven track record: It's important to find a lawn care company that has a history of satisfied customers and can provide references or reviews upon request. One way to look for reviews is searching for the lawn care company's Google My Business Profile.

  • Consider the lawn care company's services and pricing: Make sure to carefully review the services that the lawn mowing company offers, as well as their pricing. It's important to find a lawn care company that offers a wide range of services at a fair price. Don't just take the lowest price though, as sometimes, you get what you pay for. Compare services and prices to make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

  • Don't be afraid to ask questions: It's important to feel comfortable with the lawn care professionals you choose, so don't be afraid to ask questions about their experience, techniques, and policies.

  • Look for a lawn care service company that is licensed and insured: It's crucial to find a company that is properly licensed and insured to protect both the company and your community.

  • Pick a lawn service maintenance company that displays great customer service. Did they answer the phone when you called? Did they get right back to you when you filled out the online form on their website? If it's hard to contact the lawn care company in the beginning, then expect that to continue once you hire them.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that you find the best lawn service company for your neighborhood. And with the right company taking care of your community's lawns, you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of a well-cared-for neighborhood.

Looking for a top-notch lawn care company for your HOA? Contact Broken Arrow Lawn Service today at 918-517-8323 or on their website at and take the first step towards a beautiful neighborhood.



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